How to record your video demo

Demo videos are due Wednesday 23:59 PST

Here a few tried and tested practical tips on how to record a great demo video for your project.

  • We recommend using Loom as it is free for videos under 5 min and it works great for most cases (we have no affiliation and we don't make any money from this recommendation whatsoever)

  • This is not a Product Hunt or an investor pitch. Feel free to get creative, but don’t worry about making it polished. If it takes you more than 30 mins to record this, you're liking doing too much!

  • For walkthrough or demo videos we find 2-3 minutes to be ideal. Around 5 minutes or more you will risk losing people's attention.

  • Record demo videos in landscape mode and full screen (so your desktop isn't peeking through and distracting people). If you're demoing a mobile app, it's fine to use a vertical screen mode.

  • It is a lot better if you record yourself in the demo video! People will care more about what you have to show them, if they can see who are the people behind that thing they are looking at.

  • Keep any personal intros very brief, but don't forget to intro your project or product before diving into the details. People need context on what and why you are building that thing!

  • Tell people what they can do with your product! The best demos are invitations for people to check something out, play with it, feel the magic for themselves.

  • Think of your demo as presenting your project to your ideal customer/user. Do not try to make a demo for anyone and everyone out there, your target is still people who would absolutely love what you're building!

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