How to share to Twitter

Using Twitter as the default place to find and share updates makes it easy for us to simultaneously get your project in front of the few hundred people within 100 Builders and the far greater number of potentially relevant people not in the program.

We’re not going to force you to share anything (not our vibe), but we’re big believers in creating serendipity for your project by building in public. We’ve seen it work magic for us and for others, and the opportunity for that magic is especially strong in open tech. It’s a good way to get the most out of these 4 weeks.

Using Twitter to share to other people in 100 Builders

If you want to share an update — one of the weekly updates or anything in between — post it to Twitter and include “@withBackdrop #100Builders.”

If you want to find an update and check out what others in the program, head to this Twitter feed.

We and our partner orgs will also monitor that feed and do our best to boost your updates and get them in front of the right people. We’ll also pick some to share in the emails and other updates we share throughout the program.

What to share

There are no hard and fast rules to this, but a few things we’ve seen work well:

  • We’ve designed the weekly updates to be great for sharing and to help connect you with others in the program. Definitely put those on Twitter if you’re comfortable with it.

  • Sharing questions and opportunities is often more engaging than stuff that feels more self-promotional. Ask about a technical question you have, or an opportunity you see for a collaboration.

  • Tag the companies whose infrastructure you’re building on top of. They love seeing new stuff being built, and are often happy to reshare.

  • Share something you found useful in the process of building. Odds are, it will be useful to someone else, and often that person is someone you can collaborate with.

  • Give someone a shoutout if they helped you out, gave you some good feedback, or maybe even submitted a pull request on your project. Good vibes tend to come around.

Can I share on places other than Twitter?

Of course! Share wherever you feel most comfortable — Reddit, Hacker News, a group chat you’re part of, the more the merrier. Twitter is just what we, other 100 Builders participants, and our partners will monitor, so your odds of something cool happening are a lot better there.

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