Week 3 - Prepare for launch

or how to submit your week 3 update

Welcome to Week 3! This week is all about setting the stage for a grand finale next week.

Step 1: Define your Week 4 launch

Next week is the final week of 100 Builders! This program ends with all builders launching something inspiring and cool that they have worked on during the program. For this week, all you need to know is that you need to make a clear decision about what you will launch next week.

Don't be scared by the word launch! We don't mean a big bang launch (unless you want to do that!). The most important thing here is to launch something that (at least a few of) your ideal users can really get excited to try out! Luckily, Week 2 was all about defining your ideal users and getting their thoughts, so now you can really use that to decide what to launch in Week 4.

Here are some ground rules first:

  • Don't lowball your launch! It needs to be something that your ideal users will be really excited to use or try out.

  • It doesn't need to be a full product launch either. You can launch a single feature, an alpha version of your product, or if you're very early stage, a prototype or proof of concept, even if not fully functional.

  • It should be something that your ideal users can use or play with. Things like a waitlist page, or a marketing site don't count!

Tip: if it is still too hard to define what to launch next week, try having a few more conversations with your ideal users.

Step 2: Share your plan

Now that you know what to launch, you can go ahead and plan how to deliver on that. Write that plan down and commit to it!

There's no need to complicate it, and planning is often the enemy of building. To keep things simple, we're focusing on just creating accountability for your plan by committing in public to what you decided to launch.

So, make a plan and drop it in Discord by Wednesday Sept 6th. You will be creating a new post in the #launch-plans channel and the format for this post should look like this:

  • Post title: “[Project name] — [name of what you're launching]”, like so: “Tesla — Fully autonomous autopilot”

  • Post content: Write about what you're going to launch, why it is cool/valuable, and outline a bit what you need to build this week to get it launched. If you want, let others know where you could use some help.

Tip: make your commitment even more public by tweeting your launch plans! Don't forget to tag #100Builders and @withBackdrop so we can boost it.

Step 3: Get building

This is an easy one, right? You have decided what to launch, made a plan, committed publicly to it… now all that is left is to get busy building and getting ready to launch!

Step 4: Share your update

At the very end of Week 3, you will submit your update telling us how things have gone so far with your plan. This update is meant to help you think and make necessary adjustments for Week 4, all in the name of being ready for a great launch coming up.

You have until Sunday, September 10th to submit your update here.

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