Week 4 - Launch week

or how to wrap-up 100 Builders

This is the last week, folks, and this week we launch! It can be a small or a full blown launch, what matters is opening the doors to invite more people into whatever you are building.

To be eligible for grants, you need to upload your launch demo video by Wednesday 11:59 PM PST (more info below)

Step 1: Write a short "What to test”

The first step of a good launch is to be clear about what users should try out when they get their hands on what you built. We call this a "What to test", and we like that this frame makes things more like an invitation to collaborate than a marketing push.

Your "What to test" should speak to your users, not us. It should be short (< 600 characters) and specific. You can safely assume your users are familiar with your project from your demo video (next step) and reading your README. Here's a simple frame you can steal: "I’m hoping to get feedback on whether this feature X we just launched is valuable and intuitive for people using Y and looking to solve Z problem.”

Step 2: Create your demo video (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Your demo video is your most important output for this program. All projects have to create a demo video to participate in the finale and be eligible for grants. No sweat, we promise this will be very easy to record!

→ Here's our guideline for your demo video, make sure to give it a read before recording.

Step 3: Upload it to Betallion

Once you have your demo video and “what to test"' ready to go, head over to Betallion to create your project and upload your launch material there. It takes less than 5 mins and Betallion was built by our team exactly to be a good way to cultivate early testers for your project.

To be eligible for grants in the program, you need to upload your launch demo video to Betallion by Wednesday 11:59 PM PST. Late submissions will not be eligible for grants!

-> Check out this short video on how to use Betallion

Step 4: Go for launch

Once you have things set up in Betallion, you can grab your early tester invite link from your project page and share with people to become your early testers. Congrats, you have now made your launch!

In parallel, we will create a page with all demos videos in the program that will be shared with sponsors and panels making decisions on 100 Builders grants. As we do that, we will share your Betallion link with it, so people can join your project as early testers if they want.

-> We really encourage you to check out what others have built. If you like a project, join their Betallion group as a tester, too. It's a great way to connect and stay in touch.

Step 5: Vote for who gets a grant and celebrate with us

On Thursday, after the deadline for demo video submission has passed, we’ll send you details via email on how to vote and help decide which 4 projects will receive the $1,000 Builder Energy grant each (total of $4,000).

On Friday, we’ll have our casual closing live streaming at 9AM PST to celebrate these crazy 4 weeks, take a look at all the amazing stuff that got built during it, and announce our grant winners.

As always if you have questions or need support, ping us at community@100.builders.

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