Main Quest

All you need to know about the main quest

If you do nothing else in this program, complete this quest! It's what will help you make progress, create serendipity for your project with other members and with the world outside, and it is required to unlock any of the side quest grants.

Ship it, share it, make it better

The most important thing you do in this program — the essence of the main quest — is just push hard to build something great, and do it in the open. We're can't really enforce or quantify that, because we want you to be able to build on your own terms. But there are a ton of amazing people here, and if you ship consistently and work within the structure we've created, we're pretty confident some cool things will happen to you over these 4 weeks.

The weekly updates

To complete this quest, all you have to do is submit one update at the end of every week. The updates are designed to help you run that ship, share, improve process and to find some other people along the way. The update changes every week:


  2. DEMO

At the start of each week on Monday, we will email you a detailed guide about how to complete that week's update, and we will link it in this doc above.

Twitter is where others can find your updates

If you share your weekly update (or any update) to Twitter, we'll work to get it in front of relevant people in and outside of the program. To understand why and how we do that, see How to share to Twitter

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