Onchain Summer

All you need to know about the Onchain Summer side quest


  • Your project has completed the Main Quest.

  • Your project has either deployed onchain or is leveraging onchain data (any blockchain).

  • All teammates have read and agreed to 100 Builders' Terms of Service.

  • (Only for the Base grant) Your project has deployed to Base specifically.


Onchain Summer grants will amount up to $20,000, split in two parts:

  • $15,000 general grants decided by a panel formed by Base, Sismo, Seed Club, and Backdrop.

  • $5,000 specifically for Base projects, decided by Base

General Grants

During the last week of the program, the panel will collect and evaluate all available information created by projects during 100 Builders (updates, what was shipped, progress made, and more). The panel will pick 5 projects to receive a $3,000 grant each, which will be announced during the program's closing event on September 15th.

Base Grants

The Base team will carry their own evaluation of projects and select up to 2 projects to receive a $2,500 grant each, based on their quality and potential for the Base ecosystem.

Base and General grants are not mutually exclusive and can be stacked up, meaning a project that is eligible for both could end up receiving both a General grant and a Base grant for a total of $5,500.

Builder Support

Onchain Summer is not only about grants. You can get a lot of builder support to make the best out of this quest, and we strongly encourage you to use that opportunity. There are specific strong areas of support offered by our amazing partners:

  • Building on Base L2 with the Base team

  • ZK, SSO, Identity and Privacy with the Sismo team

  • Consumer Crypto with the Seed Club team

Builder Support happens in Discord on #onchain-summer or arranged through the organizing team at community@backdrop.so at your request.

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