All you need to know about the Stability side quest


  • Your project has completed the Main Quest.

  • Your project has submitted the Stability Form Opt-in and is building on Stability's APIs

  • All teammates have read and agreed to 100 Builders' Terms of Service.

  • All teammates have read and agreed to Stability's Terms of Service


Stability grants will be up to $10,000 in Stability API credits, split in two parts:

  • $5,000 distributed to projects that want to build on Stability's APIs at the start.

  • Up to $5,000 distributed and decided by's team at the end.

Credits at the start

During the first week of the program, participants will need to submit an opt-in form to let us know their project wants to use Stability's APIs during the program. These grants will be given out on a first come, first serve basis and the first 50 projects to submit the opt-in will receive a $100 grant each.

We reserve the right to reject projects that submit the form but don't present a clear intent or evidence that they will build on Stability's APIs.

Credits at the end

The team will carry their own evaluation of projects and decide on up to $5,000 more in Stability API credits for projects that are considered high quality and valuable to their ecosystem.

Builder support

You can get a lot of builder support from the Stability team to make the best out of this quest during the program and we strongly encourage you to use that opportunity.

Builder support happens in Discord on #stability, or arranged through the organizing team at at your request.

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